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Warning Signs to Look for in Depressed Teens.

March 5, 2018

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Characteristics of an unhealthy relationship among your teens!

July 22, 2019



It is important to educate our teens on the importance of a healthy relationship. This means sharing the characteristics and signs of both health and unhealthy relationships. Therefore, it is vital to maintain an open line of communication, being able to give them the time to share their experiences. The teen years are that transitional time where they put most of their time, energy, attention and concern into their friendships, peers and dating relationships.  Developmentally, teens are supposed to focus on sorting out their identities during this time.

As parents, you naturally hope that your teen will choose healthy, caring, positive peers to have in their life. In healthy friendships and dating relationships, you may notice your teen generally seems upbeat and content. However, almost no relationship is without stress, teens with healthy friendships and dating relationships overall feel connected and have peers they can go to for support. These kinds of relationships make teens feel good most of the time.

Teens in less healthy relationships may feel more alone or misunderstood. They may be moodier, crying more often or seeming more irritable. Some characteristics and warning signs of unhealthy relationships for teens are down below.



  • Passive aggressive behavior

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