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Surviving Adolescence With the Help of Therapy

The teenage years are like navigating through a minefield. Teens are going through rapid physical changes but also deep emotional changes are occurring.  


Romantic interests, peers, and physical appearance tend to become a major priority for some time. Tough choices regarding sexuality, drugs, alcohol, and peers develop causing a multitude of emotional problems to arise. A child that’s never experienced problems at school may begin to struggle academically or behaviorally.

During adolescence, self-esteem may decrease dramatically causing feelings of worthiness, depression, and anxiety to take over. Allow me to help your child manage daily stressors, anxiety, and increase self-esteem in order to survive this difficult period.

Some signs of emotional distress include loss of appetite, or overeating, crying, moodiness, irritability, isolation, excessive sleepiness, general unhappiness, feeling overwhelmed, or over-concern with physical appearance.

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