Parenting is the most important yet challenging job you may have ever had. Children aren't born with manuals and what you did with one child may not work with the other. 

The goal of parent consultations are to empower and provide you with knowledge and the right strategies that are unique to your child or adolescent's and family’s needs. It could also be helpful when you’re preparing your them for family changes such as divorce. I will provide you with information and guidance regarding managing emotional and behavior concerns, helping your child deal with stressors, balancing the duties of being a parent while providing for the family, and so on. Parent consultations are also a regular part of the ongoing therapy relationship when children/adolescents are in therapy.

Parent Consultations are conducted without the child and typically last 50-60 minutes. 

Parents requesting consultations may need help:

  • Dealing with defiant behaviors

  • Working effectively with schools to get  child’s needs met

  • Helping your child manage anxiety

  • Identifying signs of depression

  • Reducing power struggles

  • Separation anxiety

  • Preparing children for life changes (ex. Divorce)

  • Gifted children and teens

  • Bedtime or sleep problems

  • Helping a child with ADHD

  • Figuring out what’s appropriate to say to your child about a certain 


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