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Family is a fundamental part of our lives. It’s important to maintain a healthy, functional family, as it should provide a source of love, security, and emotional support. Creating healthy family relationships and interactions have shown to result in happy and secure children. Unfortunately, family can also become a source of stress during difficult times.


Family counseling aims to reduce distress and conflict by encouraging collaboration

and understanding among family members. I will focus on the family as a whole as

I help you develop strong problem solving skills as well as strategies to help resolve

conflict and anxieties. We will work on strengthening communication, as you come

to understand how the family functions as a unit and how personal actions affect others.


Family counseling has been successful in different situations such as:

  • Behavior problems with a child at home or/and school

  • Resolving a specific issue

  • Adjustment to change (separation, remarriage, divorce)

  • Family members having difficulty getting along

family hands together
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