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5 Ways to Best Help your Teens

1.Get Involved

While some teens/adolescents may see this as their parents being overbearing it is important to know your child’s friends, peers, and interests. This will allow for you as the parent to engage in conversation that is casual as well as enjoyable. This will also make it easier for your child to feel comfortable to share information about their personal/social life.

2. Get them moving

Daily exercise can help immensely with stress and anxiety. Encourage your teen to find activities/ sports that they enjoy. Get a gym membership at your local gym that you and your teen can attend. Actively participant in the additional activities that the gym may offer such as yoga and Zumba. Daily exercise allows for your teen to focus on the present rather than worrying about the past or future.

3.Hire a Tutor

Tutors can help boost self-confidence and can help your child find new ways to learn. Hiring a tutor can also limit anxiety and stress around test-taking and academics in general. This in return increases self-esteem as well as your child’s overall grade point average.

4.Help them cope

Often the hardest part of learning to deal with anxiety; is finding ways to cope with it in a tough situation.It is important to understand the different ways anxiety manifest and help your child figure out the ways to deal with those feelings that make sense for her.

5.Sort out the root of the problem

Have a conversation with your child asking them what makes them anxious. Bring up the option of seeking a counselor or therapist to help your teen get to a good place. It is important to always remember that anxiety is fueled by emotion. Therefore, it is best to stay patient while working together to find a solution.


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