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March 5, 2018

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Are You a Helicopter Parent?

December 11, 2018

What it means to be a helicopter parent…


         Helicopter parents have a parenting style that includes overly hovering their children and being overly involved in their affairs. In most situations, helicopter parents want to take over and handle their children’s situations. It is usually not out of malicious intent and comes from a good place. Little do they know however, this can be quite detrimental to a growing child’s cognitive development and confidence in their decision-making skills.


You’re a helicopter parent if you consistently…

  1. You are quick to tell them how to complete a task before giving them a chance to figure it out on their own

  2. Answer for your child when adults ask them questions

  3. As soon as Karen comes home crying from a fight with Meg, you are quick to try to make it "better" by calling Meg's parents

  4. You are completing your child’s homework or papers yourself because you want to ensure it's done perfectly

  5. You don’t want your child helping in the kitchen or cleaning up because you fear your child can get hurt

  6. You call a college’s Chair of department after they did not accept your child into their school

  7. You are managing and keeping a close watch on your child’s exercise and diet habits

  8. Sheltering your child from failure and not allowing them to learn from their own mistakes



Effects Helicopter Parenting has on your Children…


Edward Deci and Richard Ryan published their Self-Determination Theory where they explained  the 3 innate needs that all human beings need for healthy development are:


1-Basic need for autonomy

2-Basic need to be confident in one’s abilities and accomplishments

3-Basic need to feel they are loved and cared for