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8 Ways to Finally Making Your New Year's Resolution STICK!

We've all had a New Year Resolution but who's resolution actually STUCK for an entire year? Here's a list of 8 things to think about & implement before you get started!

1- Be Specific

Goals like “loose weight”, “show my family appreciation more”, “bring lunch to work” are not specific enough and hard to measure progress. Set goals like “loose 10 pounds by April”, “write two thank you cards a month to family members for things they’ve done”, “bring lunch three times a week.” They're specific enough to measure!

2- Be Realistic

Don’t set yourself up for failure by choosing an unattainable and extremely difficult goal. You’re more likely to quit early on and get discouraged. Your brain needs to stay motivated and see progress. You’re better off setting small attainable goals throughout the year that may lead to that ultimate goal.

3- Write and put it on display

Take the time to create something that has your resolution written on it! Make it visually appealing to you. Then put it somewhere you’ll see every day. This will be your visual reminder!

4- Make it a joint effort

It can be fun and motivating if you and someone else have a joint resolution. You can both think of ways to attain it and keep each other on track.

5- Tell friends/family about it

When people you love know about your resolution, they’re able to help hold you accountable and remind you when you begin to slip. Yeah, this may be annoying. BUT, if you want it bad enough, maybe you won’t mind!

6- Think Ahead & Prepare for obstacles

What are some problems that may arise that will attribute to failure? Make a list of these problems so you’ll be aware when they come up. This way, you're likely cope better and get past it as opposed to quitting.

7- Track your progress

Make time at the end of each week to track your progress towards your goal. There’s great tracking tools like Joe’s Goals , Milestone Planner , Life Tick . Or if you're like me, a pretty notebook from TJMaxx is all I need!

8- Reward yourself

Plan rewards along the way to keep yourself motivated. Understand what motivates you and feed your motivation! It could be weekly, monthly, or quarterly rewards! Plan it out!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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