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March 5, 2018

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Surviving the Newborn Period: 10 Things a Mom Needs to do for Herself

October 5, 2017

No one talks about what a mother needs to do for herself when the baby is actually here. Sure, they tell you to sleep when the baby is sleeping, but is that really all that you need in order to survive this new journey of adjustments you’re about to embark on?


​So many new moms dedicate all their energy to their newborn and neglect their own needs, myself included. There were days I felt like I didn’t have time to shower or to even eat. “I don’t have time.” I kept thinking to myself. 


When you don’t take care of yourself physically and emotionally, you won’t have much energy to care for your newborn. You’ll find yourself more anxious and stressed, as well as less patient and happy.



Here are 10 tips that will help you survive these beautiful yet challenging months ahead:


1) GET OUT of the house and get some FRESH AIR & SUNLIGHT!


After having my baby, I was at home for 10 days. I can’t tell you how amazing it felt to step out into civilization. I was terrified of leaving her home and terrified of taking her out in the germ-infested world. But I did it. I wrapped her up, took the stroller out, and took her to the park to watch my husband’s football game. I came back home and felt so rejuvenated! Feeling the breeze outside and the sun shinning down helped me feel relaxed and melted away my stress. Sunshine gives us a boost of serotonin, a hormone that makes us happy and prevents depression! I came back home ready to tackle whatever a new mother had to. 


2017 study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that people who sat for at least 15 minutes in both the park/forest had a sense of feeling psychologically restored.  Cortisol levels (stress hormone) significantly decreased in both nature-based settings.


A 2015 Stanford University study found that people taking a walk in a natural setting had decreased activity in the brain region associated with repetitive, negative thoughts which seems to be aiding as a weapon against depression.


2) Just NOD & SMILE


The "baby blues" are a less severe form of postpartum depression that cause mood swings and negative feelings. They affect 70-80% of women according to the American Pregnancy Association. The hormonal changes that occur after giving birth may produce a chemical in the brain that causes depression.

SO taking that into consideration, apparently everyone is an expert on YOUR baby. You find people telling you what the baby needs, what you should be doing, and what you're doing wrong. I remember this one time at an event, I had four people tell me my baby's feet were cold. "Aw poor baby, her feet are cold! You don't have any socks for her?" First off, it's 90 degrees outside, I think she's okay. And no, I didn't think of carrying socks with me. So here I am, getting more and more irritated as a new person mentions her feet. A part of me knows she's okay and another part feels like I'm neglecting my baby.


The point is, you're already emotional so it's very likely you'll get easily irritated, anxious and overwhelmed. You may begin to question everything you're doing.  Just remember, you are the expert on your baby, trust YOUR instincts. People mean well and sometimes it's useful information, other times..well not so much. Listen to what they have to say and politely nod and smile.


3) Free mom support/lactation groups


It’s a wonderful reason to get out of the house with your little one and have a sense of community where moms are going through the same thing you are. These groups make you feel like you are NOT alone! Write down questions you have, things you’re unsure of doing, or anything at all! I remember one mom breaking down and crying because she only had 45 minutes of sleep every night for the past week. I felt bad for her but I felt SO grateful for being able to sleep 4 hours each night!